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The ECHN Institutional Review Committee (IRC)

The ECHN Institutional Review Committee (IRC) is responsible for the review and approval of all human subject research conducted at an ECHN facility. The IRC seeks to create a collaborative relationship with the research community to ensure that research involving human subjects is conducted in accordance with federal regulations and ethical principles of Respect for Persons, Beneficence and Justice. These principles require the balancing of risks to subjects against the scientific knowledge to be gained and the potential benefits to subjects and society. The IRC also focuses on the informed consent process to assure that subject participation in research is voluntary.

Preparing Studies for Submission

The following documents, submission forms and templates will aid researchers in fulfilling their obligations to ensure that research is designed, conducted and approved consistently and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and ECHN’s commitment to the protection of its research participants.

Please direct IRC questions to our Coordinator Pamela Dombek.
Phone: 860.646.1222 ext. 2234
Email: pdombek@echn.org


Guidance Documents

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]
Review of Data Specimens Algorithm [PDF]
Quality Improvement Checklist [PDF]
Clinical Research Checklist [PDF]
Human Subject Research Determination Form [PDF]


Submission Forms and Templates

Protocol Submission Form #1 Human Subject Intervention [DOC]
Protocol Submission Form #2 Review of Data, Medical Charts, Specimens [DOC]
Protocol Submission Form #3 Surveys, Interviews, Questionnaires [DOC]
Informed Consent Template with Instructions [DOC]
HIPAA Authorization Template [PDF]
Protocol Amendment [PDF]
Protocol Renewal or Completion [PDF]
Conflict of Interest Policy and Questionnaire [PDF]
Certification of De-Identification – Educational Activity [PDF]
Certification of De-Identification – Research Activity [PDF]

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